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Discover the Essence of Colombian Culinary Tradition with a Modern Twist at Ajiaco Colombian Bistro's – Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Flavor."


Ajiaco Colombian Bistro’s namesake comes from the traditional dish (ajiaco) that is typically made with chicken, corn, three varieties of potatoes, and an herb local to Colombia called Guascas. Along with this dish, Ajiaco also provides dishes that stay true to Colombian cuisine. We add a contemporary flare to our dishes that will arouse your senses with aromas, flavors and textures that you are sure to find absolutely delicious.

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Our History

At Ajiaco Colombian Bistro’s, our story is a celebration of Colombian heritage and a culinary journey that spans generations. Founded with a passion for preserving and sharing the rich flavors of Colombian cuisine, our history is deeply rooted in the heart of tradition.

Roots in Ajiaco:

Our namesake, “Ajiaco,” is not just a dish—it’s a symbol of our commitment to authenticity. Inspired by the traditional Colombian ajiaco, a hearty soup blending chicken, corn, three varieties of potatoes, and the unique herb known as Guascas, we set out to capture the essence of Colombian flavors.

Bienvenidos a Ajiaco Colombian Bistro’s – Where Tradition and Taste Unite.

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