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stuffed pastry with chicken, beef, green chile, cheese, or cheese & ham & pineapple

corn cake with pork rinds

corn cake with chorizo

corn cake with morcilla

corn cake with creole sauce

cheese stuffed corn cake

fried cassava root

fried plantains (regular)


$7 & 13

soup with chicken, guasca, rice and corn


Grilled chicken, seasonal fruit, lettuce, spring mix, tomatoes, avocado slices, and seeds

lettuce, spring mix, diced tomatoes, cucumber, avocado slices, radishes, and olives


plate of the day – ask your server

octopus, clams, shrimp, mussels, surimi, chorizo, white wine, rice, bell pepper, plantain, creole sauce

three veggie bowls (bell pepper) lled with boronia (mixed of plantains, eggplant, balsamic vinegar, and creole sauce). served with rice, beans, and salad

sauteed shredded brisket and tostones. served with beans

mixed bowl of rice and chicken with carrot cubes, green beans, peas; topped with kechup. served with salad

boneless chicken breast marinated in homemade pineapple juice topped with pineapple pieces. served with rice, plantain slices and salad

corn cake filled with sauted shredded chicken and creole sauce, topped with cilantro sauce. served with a salad


rib eye steak, arepa (corn cake), served with a salad and chimichurri sauce

bbq colombiano of cut pieces of steak, porkrinds, morcilla (black pudding sausage), chorizo colombiano, yuca, plantain, arepa, lemon. served with chimichurri and aji sauce

sampler plate of steak, porkrinds, chorizo colombiano, plantains. served with avocado slices, beans and a portion of rice topped with a fried egg


hot tea

colombian coffee

sodas – choice of colombiana, manzana, coca-cola*, or diet coke* * = $2

juice made with milk – choice of lulo (refreshing), maracuya (passion fruit), or guanabana (sweet)

juices – choice of lulo (refreshing), maracuya (passion fruit), or guanabana (sweet)


coffee flan

sweet corn cake with cheese & cream

plantain with cheese and guava

a la carta



spicy sauce


fried egg


creole sauce




black pudding sausage


colombian sausage


fried ripe plantains (sweet)

fried plantains (regular)


corne cake

big corn cake


$9 copa / $36 botella

William Hill Central Coast

$9 copa / $36 botella

Murphy Goode, Cali

$9 copa / $36 botella

Hess Shirttail Ranch, Cali

$9 copa / $36 botella

Santa Ema, Chile

$9 copa / $36 botella

Trapiche Oak Cask, Argentina